The Way It Has To Be, Or Flying Nowhere In Timelessness


What’s this then, they said…

A tap on the shoulder, no-one is here

What was that, you said

I hear nothing, as the Sun blazing is fed

All consumes itself never born so never dead

Nor alive, only eyes

Like the hive

Nothing… to dread

But we turned, and fled

Always looking ahead

As I float dreaming in our bed

Row upon row, live mummified clones

Cast in lead, suspended animation mouths slowly speak of


Rainbow blood red

Azure pool eye


Froze on the horizon

Black silhouette born of some glory sunrise

All, eye, see, Is



ethiopia-tree (2)

Field of skulls crush, underfoot

Small people stand, watching


Hearts in their eyes, they always say — nothing

A path in the woods past a house of junk

I pass, marching line of mad fanatics

They call out, grabbing

A man, the head

My face suddenly — sprayed

He looked at me no expression, but laugh

The faces are painted

The line, dance

I ran — away

Down small twisting, invisible ways

Repeater, trapdoor cave

Everything wobble, I hear a rumble

Now is not woods, but vines

A jungle, strange lines jumble

I  run no more, stumble

Drown in the Earth, humble

Everything grow begin to mumble

Glaring rock deep groan, a vision


Many hand which wave revealing motions


Gasp, grasp — god, nothing last

I woke from under

Bursting bubble of thunder

Bubbles wonder, tear themselves all asunder

Bubble in bubble


Kind of —


For what do I hunger

Poor lips cannot drink enough

They see, so much

Pass by


Entity, Return — Black Hat Procession

13465936_10153586667055308_4365309067089582054_n (2)

Enter, Farewell — Hail

Kneel, do-not-touch

Thrones en zone

Nothing… Is, never-not


Domes, high — lost, calling home

Soaring kite, white on white

Floor Arise!

Za …   Za …  Na …

Pour flows, I dose

-Whispers-     See, now all is different

Brilliant… softly, illuminated, breathing — fulfillment

Revolving ghosts, round a post

Old leather ties, lie — unbound

I hear no sound

Clones —- seeing foam

Melting, lines, dripping —- time…

Flying, whys

Lost ancient sky — unkind

Strange tunnel, a funnel, seething eyes

Kneel, now…


This delusion tear illusions, pass the future — dream infusion

Star horizon empty diamond never find — them

Seer fall gently as deeply time…


Entity, Memories

dream_4a89205d4f (3)

∃Eηtêr, Fλrewëll

       kneel do-not touch

throned en zones—

     fold-  ing, sing… ing-

floor arise! za za nah, fleeced


rotated, re-release, snap!


pour flows, i dose

come close-r


flame does-not never find home

.                 yet I burn bursting sol

        riseyd heande

see scan—

              delicate implosion sans..


dream_973f64279c (3)

Deep mines of far time bury in heat

Seeker eyes

I-you-see, signs

This, alive…

Thoughts, lines — so thin ivy fine

What does cry

Or fall apart inside, never die

Just say why…

It can-not, is-not I

Rain of lies from the side

Glowing stares, what lurk where

Slowly turn, iridescent — space curving fairs

In the air…

They float here, then appear — over there

Undying things, live for a dare


They said no, you will — never

Return, back from there

A lair, strange faint sparkling hairs

Getting lost, I found where

“This is all, is it not?”

Said someone, as the man stirred the pot

Empty smiles, speak slow — only nothing does know, not

Room strobe fast pulsing streams flare

Now is nowhere

So yes I do, swear

On my soul, is a pole

See strange towns of no sound

Careful… things wander, are there

Falling star…

It rise though not moving; weaves — a crystal moon looming

Who knew, a mist rare


dream_119067c415 (2)

A timber in the ground, everything goes round, how can it not it is a pole and round this goes so
nevermind round nothing creation is rose trying to name those reds and blue flows
they endear and disappear fleeting deers, fear adjusting gears of bubbling cauldron mist years
tinker seers moving strangely step nears
dreams dreaming dreamers deductions reductions detachments while lusting
neutral shadow fuzz does
what it does, or wiz-wuz
streaming projector lake homes glide on the surface of frictionless ohms
eternally empty zen gravity domes
pull pon
zones, flashing concentric sign visual poems
geometries radiate transparent self-aware amber inverter cones, bilocating homes
spilling loam, hypnotized by grounding tomes
suddenly in the tree tops, those eyes are your own

Calligraphy time
enshrined, my minds
now, eye


The Shells Of El

el4 (2)

               A grandiose

        Albatross laden by tinkling bells sloshing with blinking lights strange curving speaking sea shell pinpoint of deep swirling wells chasms of heavny hells lead soaked dripping spectrum smells
                 Risen, El
Wishing selves wander far on the plains of where is god the blinding lights of Suns never fell, only show what is nothing just being in turns of seeker crawl from rubbery singing tells
see the strange muscled creature draw back in the radius echo chamber arise from the sea
              A shell
For a necklace we traveled far and many died for the girl who does wear
on strings of sinew, drawn dried old pulled tight
see the one over there, they say he has sight
yet we all see, standing there on the beach
they hide when they cry and shows smiles to the wise
                        As if
Now look over there, is it not beautiful
a stone cairn, the crypt
all us it does gift
spaces sift
grasp, a lift
life take as life give
peaceful myth
glory kiss
come here
this is the mine
absorbing floor
bursting lights, calling, hypnotize
you can not never resist
so bliss
yourself, to this
it shall pass, yet does last



Flashing Agains

alien ab
The lightning flash, and then again
Talking, to itself…
yet I hear no thunder
I slip, and slipping wonder
sinking, far
deep, drowning in the shallows of light
under, asunder the…
madness, man of ever assembling
plunder, a thumb of speaking tongues cast a net of spidery cover
ask the clouds who float high drifting wide
does the sun burn
slow, the moon turn
they say nothing
yet see everything
Is come
the dome is silent, inside
opening holes, a tunnel
ohh… no wonder
I — sit, feeling

Breathing, Leaves


I do not remember anything only the pace of marching
cowering dreams shudder my sinking calls
wake up as I fall landing back in myself
I never
left, or arrived the brain or whatever it is sees only itself
row after row of abstract shelves continental or deep space, selves
I have never found anyplace, but the trenches full of benches
people sitting they look around before leaving they move in circles which are truth, and yet — deceiving
see the sum is less then nothing, though…
still, I am receiving
what do I gain or lose
what can I say or do
do you believe me
or I in you
a stillness; conceiving


Eyes In Time

13465936_10153586667055308_4365309067089582054_n (2)

Entropic eyes see beginnings a line

So fine
the curves deep winding, coolest blues I’ve never seen such a fool
of slowly dying hues which move to a tune unseen but believed
they wonder, am I free as they slide to a cry called death catch your breath, and dive in the sky yellow greens they are alive
touch her eyes…
resting head on warm thigh
never find, now is time
disintegrating why, drunk on age a skipping sign
i do not know, i am not wise
i live just here, with all my sighs



Still, Free — Doors Of Wuz

clown finish (3)

History repeats, like sleeping dreams which continue every evening

They happen again, or did they; did I dream I dreamed another one the same the night, before

Old lore

There is, no more…

So I will not make this, time— though I always live

They are, to come — as I stand holding the door

Between both sides, so strange — almost seems a peaceful war, but no is only just a door

Though, being here; I am blessed — to See

Both side of nothing

So…    still


I’m gonna… Call

Equals — I’s See As One

zorro (2)

“I wonder do you know, what this mean? But really after all it doesn’t — matter”

A Whiter Shade Of Pale

What is equal? This, which is given to us

What is not equal? That, which we made

What is equal? Everything

What is not equal? Everything

What did we make? Nothing, we only judged it

What should we do? Nothing, it is being — done

What does this mean? We will,    See


Who do I think I am? Nothing, just an echo…

Of what is to come, as we — all are.

Bye for, now…

See you




Zen No When — Them

clown finish (2)

The house is wet, the house is strangely; empty
Things are unkempt. The lawn is wild       and      the framing is bent; rent.
Occupants are missing signals, low frequency blips.
Miss ,  foggy bliss. kiss — a     sea.
Foam tickle my nose.

I ; see bubbling effervescence time Styrofoams not being not seeing singularity domed
— or nothing at all, a soul ringing phone ¿operator Iz which line are all connected, no charge

every-body knows no pockets on mars

drifting a barge the moment enlarge; in-large zooming far from it
blinking rebounds bounced to cool sands as such does expand, then so meets on the sheet on the bed, of the dead, newly wed, lapping fed, black hole balance-axis-spinning-rotator,              head

I don’t mind, i said… don’t mind

Arboreal night vision glow fountain zoo dreads — fairly kept, for a fee
ancient minstrel Dee, do a dance, on a lance, drown in rapidly rotating fire time explosions — a chance

Some call it, Zen

you will find them not,


The Speakors

alien wave

Elliptical drones seeker straight lines
a home

See look up so high
domes, thrones, golden awareness fizzed foams as cosmic loam
nascent enormous eyed pointy hat gnomes, explore mind search eternal wise…

Finding only bones: broken, tossed, gnawed, nasty thrown
zoned, in on desire night familiar faint glowing lights
height, so talls, perching cross-eyed owls speak in twister calls
as they fall, flying, endless walls
which rotate and swim drip drop oozing green sin
spinning eyes nine wide radiate grooving skins, cacophonous dins, explanations…
like wind
suddenly appear in the darkness, them

A grin



jimk (3)


A small world, after all
those who control me, do so with junk
I never collected, nor saw any need
now more so than ever, as I watch them bleed
picked and poked, twisted and smoked
feelings of knowing bound hoops squeezing hope
but I can do something, as I always have
empty mind is invisible, I never had
fountains inside, smile in storms
a brokendown palace, so why can’t you leave
such times are worn
here are       the vines
come, please…
let’s be again, born

You cannot — imagine
you will never — know
there is nothing to sow, is all the wind blow
everywhere I go, time in custody
still, all next to glory
you cannot, see
there is no way, no way
to show me
only I can do this
and I do it



Left, Once Again

Hopi-Medicine-Man (3)


Wandering the streets, an expression radiates peeling off in waves like sea
passing by at the last moment too late, I see
something I saw before yet did not recognize
how can it be— we, me and I say carried off by raging winds
soft, just be
I never knew although I did, so what can this mean
no longer, never again
yet of course always
is this not how, we are
I, the

Forgetting is strange, you cannot know it
till it returns, then who cares
not me
please, let’s take time and wonder
I suppose this, is free
If… nothing else
waves recede from the shore slipping back in curving line

The shallows; deep mind


dream_2043e3a7ca (1)

One does not write to be liked, or from spite, find a light, or fathom doom
I write
In a room
A strange, transforming, raging flume
As the gods hum a tune
It enters the body, ~ooh~
Crawling through, tubes of creation
Perhaps we too, are food
I do not know, nothing — lasts
So I rest, counting grass
At last
See, I have never found
The past
The future is not cast
Yet… all is
So as

Burning Zens

dev1 (2)
Enough, philosophy… the mind can only make so much, take so much, break so much, ache so much, fake so much— a lake of such
I want to touch, lush, lust, fuss, bust, cuss, rust, sussss
Though, it change as much
Each moment day; leaky brains drip, skip
scatter, dust
like us
I must, though free as empty space to appear as such
everything is here
I, seer
Light is nothing
nothing is just
all this
hanging in the airs
put out a hand which was not there
eye wants
it create itself from the shadows of dreams
waving blinks, reams
folds of curved, new nerves
eyes of water
cry, smile, relearn
Water… which is not water
Still… this, which is not truly fire
Let It Bleed


mammatus9 (2)

-I, Thought-

How does one change their feeling about something, or someone?

You don’t, it changes you.


How do you think…

About yourself?

-Thought, Feeling; Teeming-

Is like weather, seemingly chaotic — but following itself…

Can it be influenced, controlled?

Yes, and no… But I cannot say.

Ask the butterfly

-Control, This-

Yes… it is true.

We can control our reactions, though we cannot control what those reactions precipitate. (This is time, being)

Is this, control?

Yes, and no.

However… Can we control what our control precipitates in us?

Are we, done?

1 and 1

0 and 1



Perhaps we should not control ourselves, but wonder…

Why do we need to?

What do we need…

To control; and why?


The Unknown, Known— Nothing, Changes

kachina (4)

It’s something like, this…

Everything you’ve known is shattered, broken

Everything becomes; unknown

Then; you see

They are both; the same

Nothing; changes

What is nothing, how can it change?

It is this, what else— could it, be?

How does it, change?

It, does-not.

Faces In Time

asian-girl-face-light-wall-hd (2)

A new course
Only a few degrees
In eternity
Is the endless unknown
Passing zones of timeless homes
Alone, till one day
I saw

The way, of different shades
So clear, as the feeling of tears
Appear, from nowhere and go back there
Did I ever leave, or simply sat here
Fear, seer
You have seen its shape, had more than a taste
Now, be

Fountains, open, of pure lights grace
Streaming lushness rise in space
Seems of falling lace, a place, the world returns to form
Faintly calling, here
I remember, now
A face

We cannot go back in time, we may only see it all

Slipping Ship

raft 32

I’m going to start, again
Rather I have found this new end
A long strange ship I didn’t know
How long have I been aboard
I can’t remember the cabins are fading, laying there
Laying… waiting, with company just traveling friends
Is all I’m saying, and that’s just fine I’ve found a port
The ocean, the sky, the lands of the fort
Topside now, this air is all so fresh
I will, stay as an open guest
Till one night, I must confess
I slip back to the water, before a worlds light we are dressed
Into my own little floating, rickety ship
Descend to the waters I want to be so close
I can run my hand through as I slide smooth in my boat
My home, is my own, it go where I show
The sky keeps my time
Small beams, the horizon
Moon quiet as blue hope
The one thing is
I always float

In truth— has it not, always been so…


Toy Kachina Zen, Lent

kachina (3)

Being, under the surface eyes of the worthless
purpose, a shade of green seas slow as falling mind
trees have no language, for free
still, as deep time rings
they see
a key, seeking holes of new ages at the heights poured from bowls
they call themselves, souls
twisting, currents warm cold deep in the earth forming time, we grasp fading lines
hearts of gold, slowly roll mind moss rich leaping toils, with oil
a strange body, shifting soils
shedding light skin cast off clear tumbling, luminous wings
a thing, of rings
speak of time myths, lost earth kings
listen… they sing
calling gods, help us win
we are, not far, though we have no such things we seers see all you bring
passing grows each day fall, softly so
I, go

To the wars, look!  Surrounding, is bars
all above endless stars, still yet more warm sighing— not far
in the land of the czar

Toy kachinas dance spin fly pop burst rise so they are
strange tongued puppets leaping sent, bring magic potions we drank
all is bent

They come soon hear the tune, this is cosmic enigma folds unlaced, spaced
interdimensional, face

Lent, see the carnival fair breathing tent

Rise & fall as we went…

Spacing Caves, Oz Haze

dream_f362ac9a58-1 (2)

Sparse fields of room, blue plain of Neptune approach soon
Thin whens descend forgotten noon friends append the notes which float
Forming moats, a hope
Swinging sends dawn mends smoothing bends of the lens
Come, again
Placid soaked coats enthrone forming lobes rising dome, throb odds
Limbic Oz
Pulsing, lusting customs I will do done them, quite a run sea
An onion disco globe turn old dusting light flowers ah sudden showers
Seeker bound must not know the hour, staggering nothings leaning tower
Never rust, or dust, scintillating evening raves always tend towards bust
Soaring, imploring the voices never ceasing but slowly seeping
I burned, sinking whirlpools are swirled through the worlds curling pearls

My brain never seen though still I say it’s me, yes your being
We shall
Space is, deep

Cosmic Rags




Cascading empty beats, the stomach a seat
rip time and time again, so sudden a light in the hand
the eyes, flash of what is become
my whole body, hum
grief unleash, fountains of sleep
though I never have, always
a new dream
how much can one feel plunging sadness, glide as falling ageless smooth
canyons of madness

a kite of white, on white
a life, melting ice
and chance encounters, hours
I see now, faded flowers
sweet lifes dying, dour
broken, fallen arrow
line the misted shore, a pale grey barrow
trees a circle wide, I walk forever still
never reach       quite…



61009_marshmallowgherkin_deep-space (3)

Is done is spun for what was true, time fluxing tars wander far I did not know
I knew, now something cool softly dripping,      sparkle — through

as rainbow dew, ripple blue brews drunk by fools in late September
a twisting center of trap doors, enter
held but bending, ah… waves are sending in twos
elephants fit on small spinning stools
a view — of somewheres I all once knew, a rising tide of fast coursing rivers
fall light,                                   from a height


I do


Row, row… deep undertow




Sorry, I am… really that’s not what I want to do. I want to do only what you’d like, for you…

But who?


I’m sorry, there is no though
those… are just nothing words, clothes perhaps cloaks
mind; wash, launder, fold
what were we told               I forget, it makes — no sense
anyway, it was lent by somebody I never met
some long ago gone ghostly, mirage
drifting waves, enslave so free
the proud, the meek, the stupid, the sleek
all see

But I am not happy, nor sad. I cannot pinpoint the point of my view
skewed, relativity blue shadows dance black, horizon cities backlight planets, they scan
fuse, in twos a school of empty halls in red brick large
like earth become mars, bars different stars of many colors though still, the same
like each new sun light rays burning come

Is… never won

Love, and pain showering; rains of splitting convergence came, undefinable flames dance rearrange
games… I think, not
a lot, they swirl in floating pots which hang from the rafters so high
my word…
tall spilling urns
drench the floor, which turn
so strange, I never seem to fall — or stop, lives bursting pop
I will see in the days, the hours retire
lay down in the night
feel something, a risen spire small space in the eyes — I begin to inquire
a soft intro, or outtro; seeker unmoving — spirals of fire
then, soft strings vibrate
from nowhere, a heat of shimmering sheets
a golden lyre

Held close, those wire

God, A Child


God, you remember…

I know you do

So why, have you taken it all away?



Empty plates, hollow dates

Contrived smiles, waiting while

We ate, and drank

Smoked, and spake

Of things, we knew not true

A file, coursing nile


Is the smile

I saw, one day while sitting

Doing nothing; but gaze long, at the moon

Dear noon

You lied, it’s fine

Keep time

I lost, all mine

A child



If you only knew, you’d rush over and embrace me
But you don’t, you never will
So nor will I
Is where we cannot find
I find
But why
I dont know
It’s a slow, drifting, dying fade
The women, they recede into shadows said
As they cry
The circle died, and confuse
A rising mew
Morning dew fall upon the homeless, glowing
Suffering new, said
I do
But who
The empty dress hollow in the noon sun, dry
Why, we all asked why
As they walk away
The turns of the day
And sky, so fine
Like time, you cannot see
The we, of us, and I
Remember those time though
In dreams, we fly
A lonely, rising

Quiet Thunder


A simple bed
Eat when fed
Talk to Fred

Walking, looking…

How am I led
By the eyes, my head
The heart, we said

But whose
I wondered
There is only, one

A voice quiet…

Ah… Yes
Deep, under

The Bends, Mind Lens


-The Bends, Mind Lens-

Timelessness is strange, remembering it…

Because it is not a memory, it can’t be.

Still— it hovers like a cloud; a thinning cloud ever dissipating, so enlarging.

And that is all it is, rather is-not.

It is like nothing, nothing you can imagine if you cannot imagine it; now. 

You cannot imagine now, it is— now.

So why, then?

You will, you do, but not… Yet— however that does not matter, this is timeless.

Timelessness is strange like that, to us.

You will see, I suppose.

What else could you do? You do nothing, like a sea…

Seeing— you do not know what you see, yet still… You see.

It does not lessen anything, it does not increase it.

It rise and fall; a wave of heart beats, hovering in the clear stillness it does proceed. Fading and appearing, it is the same light— always.

The clear time of your mind, the invisible heart.

Living, dying— art.

It needs no name, being.

Do not worry, you can go — nowhere.

It is different, but this difference is the familiarity of an undefinable awareness which is not based on anything, but itself— which happens to be everything & nothing, which is something else altogether…

All I can say about such a non-state is, this.

It is the point which contains all point(s).

What would such a point be like?

It is no different from any of the, other points…

What is size or time to such a point? To any of them?

This is the memory, of a moment…

Not any different, except that it exists in timelessness as non-existent; existence.

It is just another point, but somehow this point sees, it is a point— a moment.

I guess this is all I can say about it, there is no way to make a point.

It is all there is.


raft 32

Floating times expanding lines which never grow or move
The see what flow a glow of know, iridescent boats
Full of beings they open wings in time, all you need is light
Need nothing, when has it never not been here
Ever, sever constraints of time
Mind, just a sign
Of to come deep
Bottomless one, creatures of quiet
Emerge from the sun
Looking… so strange; a pain
Wonder, joy all these ways we enjoy

Toys, strew on strange moving floors
Watch the patterns, they crawl
Transforming seas
Everything, is the same
This is all, within— all

You, cannot do nothing
So… let’s take us

Is, Dawn

The Hall Of Eye — Moment, Less, Sight

dream_b024524388-2 (2)

But… you don’t understand, it’s wrong
It is
I do not know, although it is something between us
What is it
It’s wrong, still, at the same time right
Time, the unborn speed of seeing
A moment, less, sight
So full of time, light
How do you know?
How can I not
Where have we gone, how far have we have fallen
Weather, comes & goes
Even scientists say, we’ll never know
Yet, here we go

I will be here
It all is so clear, but still turning
Revolving door, seek opening
More, learning
Lay down, the floor unfolding soar
Water, burning
I say
A glowing haze
Stars blink, and fade
No… way

Yes, k

Passing Ones, Come


It all end up on the ground
From which forth it is sprung
Deep space in the earth
Clear nothing this come
Twirling, spinning thoughts
The heart of the sun
Underneath all, a river does run
Heartbeats in the sky
Rhythmic drum
A stillness of none
Quiet, I am ever here
Passing ones
I can never sleep, or awaken
Night & day
Is come


bluesea (2)

-Beck- Cycle, Morning


A deflating ocean, moving not motion
small vial of quotient
a falling, notion
collapsing whys
breathing skies
eternal eye
mind, is risen
this, I sea
no division

cascading rhythm
passing cosmic, melting schism
eon of the wizard

End of the lizard

Look! -Eyes V.2-

dream_029cd281b5-2 (2)


You can crush me, you can beat me
You can drown me in wine
You trample I in mud,  so bury alive
I will never cease this, no never
I ride


Here, look!
Come close
Close, errr

I’ll show…

Look wells deep — eternal

Look into my…



Previous: Eyes

Other, Space Cover


We do not die to this world, we die to ourselves
Wake, as each other
Dream, past future— stutters

The world, twin brother
The moon, mother
The sun, father
Space, empty covers

You are
No other



dream_894084ccab (3)

You can crush me, you can beat me
You can drown me in wine
You can trample me in mud, even bury alive
You will never cease me, no never

Here… come close
I’ll say, why

Look, look well deep
Look into these…

Possessions, Lie


Possession has possessed us we seek nothing now
a mirror speaking backwards blood soaked heavy chain, eyes
tell me what i want
here is source, the vine

crush, twist, squeeze
thrown to the ground; trample, blind
emulate the possessive, shouting words
wise unkind

Plains Of Mound, Dome Town

newgrange (2)

One type tend to fall in a rut
The other tend more to beat themselves up
A long body reach, slipping wisp
Swirling cups

To reach down find is up
No sense I have found
Such things go around
And round, god dressed as a clown
Speaking lips make no sound
As the sky touch the ground
Worlds of being, lost and found
Plains of circular mound
Underneath domed glass towns
Sparkles rise laugh, sing, now
As eyes opening, crown
Draw existence in a spot
The endless
Not,       dot

Glory Tainted— Space Malls Close In Fall


Fools doom souls in pointless toils waist deep in sucking, sinking

Oily curses fling splatter falses, causes, moaning expander mosses
Losses, toss fishmen dying in the rotating stunner disc
Suns, of sons riding tides eons high
I can only sigh, I don’t even ask why
I know, I have seen these things though darkly and far
Like heart breaks of distant stars
They call, please
I fall
No, all just all
Say nothing but looking so pale
Faces in clear, spaces
Creations so tall
Neverland mall
Soul playing see saws
Glory tainted

Two Of Q


Little atoms dart slow, little looping magnets swing low
Begin, my hazing rays inflame days in the caves of waves
Desolate bloom desert flames enrage and quiet soon, blue slipping drip eye
Moons, subsume deep spinning looms engorging tombs expand as room
My, my, my i said it was a fool who step onto waters in the dark light so cool
Zoom, screaming speed shatter mind watery flues open like doom
Come here, i am you
See these eyes as they drool
Never, new
Never,        knew

Psychic  loon



Golden dusked drapes my hearts arms are dust, grasping lusts
     must, i rust so slow as lava core white dying coal
        goals, roll as told what martian is seeping mind dregs
         dangling legs many pairs scurry fair, stepping lairs
           tears, shares, wares, death dares
            scare, this behemoth of finely woven time hairs
              haystacks breathe way-erd
                see ya theres


Loon River

newm (2)

Feeling poetic, I know not where it comes

A sudden rising sun, plunging moon
Dionysian swoons, a pale drop
Screaming loons

Glimmer river
Of crystal blue sand dune
Clear enlightening, empty foam noons

Pass soon
Rotating spheres speak floating glyph language, tunes
Seeking who is who, slipping dream rooms

Tell me, come closer
I cannot said the image
Mirrors never really, move

Though… I do

Reveal, Us

7deb98cc1a507c1e7d9f517f92948c86 (2).jpg~

If you can lose someone by speaking your truth.

Then you have found another.

Whether these things are true or not, they always reveal it…


Yes, and No

There is no truth, only what it reveals— us

However even this is not the truth, this— changes

How does it change, How do you change?

How does the world turn?

Slowly, but quickly

How do you live & die?

Quickly, but slowly

Truly nothing is revealed, it is only a swirling cloud




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